Bay or Bow Windows: Which is Right for Your Chicagoland Home?

If you are considering adding a window to your home to create a more open feel or to let in more natural light, you may be wondering what the difference is between a bay window and a bow window .

Here, the home improvement experts at Home Improvements USA share three main differences between these two popular window styles:

Bay WindowBow Window

1. Bay windows are made up of three window panels, while bow windows typically have four or more.

2. Bay windows protrude from the home at a set angle, while bow windows are rounded for a more soft, elegant look.

3. Bay windows are typically installed on the first or second floor of a home, while bow windows can be installed on any level.

So, which window is right for your home? The best way to decide is to call Home Improvements USA for a free replacement window consultation. Our experts will work with you to choose the perfect window style for your home and budget. Call us today .