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Aluminum Siding Naperville

Alminum Siding Naperville

Seamless Siding

Home Improvements USA specializes in Seamless Siding. Seamless Siding is made of a heavy gauge aluminum alloy. Most homes that have boxed siding installed have unsightly seams and gaps from the overlapping of the siding. These seams and gaps can allow dirt and moisture to enter in behind the siding.

Seamless Siding panels are custom made to fit the exact length of your home therefore eliminating seams and gaps. The elimination of seams and gaps provides a smooth finish to the outside of your home. Conventional box siding panels are prone to sagging and rippling. Some vinyl siding will crack and warp due to hot and cold temperatures.

Seamless Siding is durable and warp resistant. Home Improvements USA always uses a foam board insulation that provides the best energy savings. Home Improvements USA offers five custom styles of siding and 30 colors for you to choose from. Best of all Home Improvements USA offers a Lifetime guarantee on siding material and labor.

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A product is only as good as its weakest point…
…And the weakest point is the seams. There is potential in these areas for the panels to droop at the joints. Seams provide sanctuary for uninvited guests; insects.  Worse, seamed siding looks
horrible, especially after a few years of fading and collection of dirt and moisture in the seams.

Conventional seamed aluminum siding is .019 gauge and is too thin for the application. One hail storm and the panels are shot. Worse, the finishes used on most aluminum siding reacted with the outside
environment. The long term effect was the siding faded and had a chalk like texture on the surface.

Vinyl siding buckles, waves, & cracks.
Common problems with seams include drooping and buckling panels. Vinyl siding expands and contracts so it has to be nailed loose. Gaps have to be left at the ends. On a hot day, you can hear the panels moving. Sometimes the seams pull apart causing issues with moisture getting in and costing money in heating and cooling costs. The finish can fade to a point to where it is hard to determine the original color.

Seamless siding eliminates 137 potential problems. There are no unsightly seams on the home, drooping panels, and areas
for moisture and dirt to accumulate. The panels are very thick .025 aluminum alloy and hail resistant. Darker colors, an option unthinkable with vinyl due to fading issues, are available in a finish that doesn’t react with the outside elements and maintains its color for the life of the home.

aluminum siding Naperville

"We are so glad we found your company. We could not be happier with every aspect of your business. We love our Gutter Cap, new windows, and our new siding.  Our house has never looked better. " 
~The Rosen

" We are so pleased with our new soffit, fascia, gutters, and Gutter Cap. I’m sure the raccoons who liked to chew the wood will have to find a new target. " 
~ Leslie P.

 " I have been using Home Improvements USA for several years now. I purchased their seamless siding over 10 years ago, and it still looks as good as the day they put it on. I bought Gutter Cap around the same time, and I have never had a clogged gutter, even with all the trees in my yard. " 

~ Bill H

" The windows are beautiful, solid and secure. The team of men who installed our windows were very professional, skilled, efficient and great to work with. I so appreciate Eric who supervised the team, and who chose beautiful oak trim to frame our large living room window.  " 
~ Kathleen F.